May 27th, 2018


Get Ready to Run Calgary

Voted the 2009 2010 2012 2013 and 2014 Best Road Race in Alberta , the Scotiabank Calgary Marathon is a challenging, competitive and fun event with a race designed for everyone of any level. There is a 50k Ultra, full marathon, half-marathon, 10 km, 5 km family walk or run and kids' marathon. See the Race Info section for more information. For information on the Scotiabank Calgary Marathon Health and Wellness Expo, click here


Canada's Longest Running Marathon

On August 10, 1963 nineteen men lined up at Glenmore Stadium to run the first Calgary Marathon, and what was also the first marathon ever to be run in Western Canada.

The Calgary Marathon Race History

Canada's Longest Running Marathon


On August 10, 1963 nineteen men lined up at Glenmore Stadium to run the first Calgary Marathon, and what was also the first marathon ever to be run in Western Canada. Only twelve men finished the race that day, which took them on an out-and-back course aside traffic along Macleod Trail. Thirty-one-year-old Doug Kyle was the victor in a time of 2:45:54. The rest of the pack ranged in age from 17 years to a spry 38 year old. The course had been measured by Bill Wyllie, using his car's odometer to determine the distance of 26 miles, 385 yards. A mere five "refreshment" stations, offering only water, lined the course, making for 10 water stops in the out-and-back. For the most part the runners were on their own, after being given instructions and brief directions at the starting line. Charles Hanna of the Canadian Legion fired the gun, as the official starter.

Before they even got to the starting line, however, there was a medical doctor on hand whose task was to examine all of the athletes. One of the runners, Gordie Dixon, was nearly disqualified because the doctor, not being a sports specialist nor familiar with distance runners, declared that Gordie's pulse was just too low. Despite his "medical condition of a low heart rate," Gordie went on to win the race the following year.

The marathon was the brainchild of Calgarian Doug Kyle. At that time Doug was Canada's fastest runner, having competed for Canada in both the 1956 and the 1960 Olympics in both the 5,000 and 10,000-meter distances. He was nearing the end of his competitive career and was looking for new challenges, so he looked to the marathon. At the 1959 Pan American Games, after competing in the 5,000 and 10,000 meter events, he decided to enter and run his first marathon: he placed seventh! Upon returning to Calgary, he somehow convinced a good-natured Bill Wyllie to join him in his efforts to hold a marathon in Calgary; after all, how difficult could it be? In Bill Wyllie's words, "the two of us 'beat the bushes' to come up with our 19 entrants."

Doug's motive was simple: to bring the 1964 Olympic time trials to Calgary. If they could successfully hold a marathon in Calgary, he felt that he could convince amateur sports to host the Olympic trials in Calgary the next year, instead of the usual Ontario choices. Our high altitude and the hometown advantage would put the Calgary runners at the front of the pack. Doug succeeded in his goal: the Olympic trials were held in Calgary the next year, at the second Calgary Marathon.

Calgary Marathon Winners

Winners 1963 - 2014

1963 Doug Kyle 2:45:54
1964 Gordon Dixon 2:39:55
1965-67 unknown  
1968 Andy Boychuk 2:29:21
1969 Jim Haddow 2:38:07
1970  unknown  
1971 Michael Graham 2:33:59
1972 Morris Aarbo 2:33:04
1972 (2nd Race) Bob Hamilton 2:31:29
1973 Wolf Schamberger 2:31:18
1974 Bill Herriot 2:35:04
1975 (Men) Brian Spielman 2:35:15
1975 (Women) Carmen Robinson 3:50:12
1976 (Men) Peter Moore 2:30:00
1976 (Women) Jane Gelineau 4:02:21
1977 (Men) Peter Moore 2:28:32
1977 (Women) Debbie Lane 3:35:47
1978 (Men) Craig Storey 2:37:45
1978 (Women) Mary Pat Petley 3:21:15
1979 (Men) David Strand 2:33:28
1979 (Women)  Linda Edmonds (nee Currie) 2:55:31
1980 (Men)  Rob Reid 2:31:29
1980 (Women)  Joan Groothuysen 3:15:34
1981 (Men) Rob Reid 2:26:37
1981 (Women) Lorna Hawley 3:07:25
1982 (Men) Rob Reid 2:29:13
1982 (Women) Lorna Hawley  2:56:52
1983 (Men) Frank Lewis 2:23:37
1983 (Women) Lorna Hawley 2:55:42
1984 (Men) John Bolger  2:28:15
1984 (Women) Lorna Hawley 2:54:45
1985 (Men) Roy Davis 2:24:59
1985 (Women) Lorna Hawley 2:59:00
1986 (Men) Rob Reid  2:33:05
1986 (Women) Colleen Stevens 3:00:33
1987 (Men) John Tolton 2:32:47
1987 (Women) Colleen Stevens 2:56:56
1988 (Men) John Bolter 2:25:37
1988 (Women) Sharisse Kyle 2:55:31
1989 (Men)  Stefan Fekner 2:30:56
1989 (Women) Lisa MacBeth 2:51:26
1990 (Men)  Ashley Dustow  2:28:28
1990 (Women) Clare Kroshus 2:45:59
1991 (Men)  Kelvin Broad 2:23:49
1991 (Women) Donna Grisak  2:59:25
1992 (Men) Dennis Colburn 2:27:38
1992 (Women) Frances Bagley 2:53:03
1993 (Men) Kelvin Broad 2:26:41
1993 (Women) Karen Haggard 2:55:07
1994 (Men) Kelvin Broad 2:26:19
1994 (Women) Sharisse Kyle  3:11:24
1995 (Men) Kelvin Broad 2:27:54
1995 (Women) Jennifer Clark 2:56:08
1996 (Men) Kelvin Broad 2:31:55
1996 (Women)  Jennifer Clark 2:56:08
1997 (Men) Kelvin Broad 2:30:07
1997 (Women) Colleen Catley 2:59:22
1998 (Men) Kelvin Broad 2:27:04
1998 (Women) Esther Wolsey 2:50:12
1999 (Men) Ricardo Guerrero 2:33:55
1999 (Women) Zita Mulligan 3:06:49
2000 (Men) Kelvin Broad 2:35:08
2000 (Women)  Maria Zambrano 3:00:55
2001 (Men) Dennis Colburn 2:38:24
2001 (Women) Colleen Catley 3:05:38
2002 (Men) Dennis Colburn 2:46:25
2002 (Women) Sylvia Corbett 3:04:17
2003 (Men) Dennis Colburn 2:35:56
2003 (Women) Sylvia Corbett 3:05:50
2004 (Men) Ken Myers 2:34:14
2004 (Women) Wizz Bayou 3:09:31
2005 (Men) Jason Loutitt 2:27:49
2005 (Women) Shauna Skinner 3:02:18
2006 (Men)  Jason Loutitt 2:34:57
2006 (Women)  Jody Urbanoski 3:12:18
2007 (Men) Ken Myers 2:33:45
2007 (Women) Amanda MacLeod 2:58:46
2008 (Men)  David Corbett 2:32:39
2008 (Women) Ann-Marie Gill 3:08:54
2009 (Men) Predrag Mladenovic 2:30:15
2009 (Women) Melissa Kalyn 3:02:39
2010 (Men) Graeme Wilson 2:32:14
2010 (Women) Ellie Greenwood 2:52:23
2011(Men) Jason Loutitt 2:33:03
2011 (Women)

Ailsa Macdonald

2012 (Men) Benard Onsare 2:22:47
2012 (Women) Tanaya Gallagher 2:54:24
2013 (Men)  Benard Onsare 2:28:52
2013 (Women) Nadiya Fry 2:51:35

2014 (Men)

2014 (Women)

Kip Kangogo​

Maria Zambrano




Race History

The 1960's

There were four marathons run in Calgary in the 1960's, with some of the fastest men in the country running in those four races, particularly the 1964 Calgary Marathon, which was also the Canadian Olympic trials marathon. Few in number, but impressive in their times and international status, in its formative years, the Calgary Marathon was often the host to Canada's finest marathon runners.


The 1970's

The Calgary Roadrunners took over the organization of the Calgary Marathon and it has been an annual event in Calgary since 1971. One of the biggest highlights of the 1970's, however, remains the inclusion of women in the race.

In 1975, 41-year-old Carmen Robinson of Banff became the first winner of the women's division in the Calgary Marathon in a time of 3:59:12. Second place Cathy Broderick was a full forty minutes behind Carmen, with a time of 4:30:04. These two women were also among the first women ever to run a marathon in western Canada.

According to Doug Kyle, up until the early 1970's, it was just an accepted fact, by both men and women in our society and elsewhere in the world, that women could not run long distances. Women now make up nearly half of the marathon participants, thanks to the dreams, hard work, and perseverance of women like Carmen Robinson and Cathy Broderick.


The 1980's

This was the decade of repeat winners. Lorna Hawley of Calgary boasted five straight victories in the women's division starting in 1981. She remained unbeatable for another four years, breaking the three-hour barrier in four of the five races. Her fastest race was in 1984, with a time of 2:54:45. Lorna still holds the record as the Overall Winner in the Women's Division.

Lorna Hawley finishing in first place for the women in 1985.

In 1989 the Calgary Marathon moved from its May date to the new date of July, to team up with the fourth running of the Stampede 10k event. The famous Stampede Breakfast was introduced and remained part of the event for more than a decade. As well, 1989 marked the 25th anniversary celebration of the Calgary Marathon.


The 1990's

More records were set in the 1990's. Kelvin Broad ran his first Calgary Marathon in 1991. That same year he set the record for the Calgary Marathon in a time of 2:23:49 and the record stood until 2012 when Benard Onsare ran a 2:22:47. It was also the first year that prize money was given out to the top performers. Kelvin received $500 for his efforts that day. He continued to win every Calgary Marathon he entered and remains the Overall Winner of the Men's Division with a record eight victories.

The women's record was set in 1990 by Claire Kroshus, with a winning time of 2:45:59. Like Kelvin, her record has stood the test of time, and is yet to be broken.

The early 1990's saw the formation of the long partnership between the Alberta Children's Hospital Foundation and the Calgary Marathon. With the new sponsorship came the new name for the Calgary Marathon; the name of Stampede Run-Off was coined to cover the entire event, including the marathon, the 10k and the mayor's 3k fun run. It was in this decade that the race finish line moved three times: from Eau Claire to Mewata Stadium, and finally to Fort Calgary, where it has remained ever since.

Several of the more interesting participants in the marathon history ran in the 1995 race, including two executives from the Laredo Boot Company of Nashville. They completed the marathon wearing newly designed Laredo cowboy boots! In that same race Wally Herman of Ottawa ran his 441st marathon and Don McNelly of Rochester, New York ran his 431st marathon. Pretty impressive for two men, aged 69 and 74 years respectively.


The 21st Century

In the year 2000 the rain poured down for the entire race, as the temperature reached a high of only +3 C. Runners crossed the finish line wearing among other paraphernalia, plastic garbage bags to help keep them dry. The next year saw near record highs with temperatures in the +30's. Despite the extreme weather conditions, the Calgary Marathon can still boast an average race day temperature of perfect +15 degrees!

In 2006, signed on as the new title sponsor of the Calgary Marathon. A team events, 10km race and half marathon are now part of the Calgary Marathon race weekend, but the highlight is still the grand daddy of them all, the marathon.

Starting out as one man's dream almost ffity years ago, the Calgary Marathon has evolved and grown into what it is today. We invite you to join us this May and run the marathon at the 2013 Calgary Marathon race weekend and become part of its proud history.


Calgary Marathon Society

The Scotiabank Calgary Marathon is organized and operated by the Calgary Marathon Society, a nonprofit volunteer organization promoting health and fitness. Our volunteer board of directors is made up of CEO's, CFO's and business owners in their own right.

Calgary Marathon Society Board Members

Dan Ouimet - President

Dan Ouimet is a public affairs professional with ConocoPhillips Canada. He has over 15 years of experience in the field of public policy, communications and event management. In addition to being a competitor in both running and triathlons, he has also played a role on the organizational team of several major road races and triathlons.

Jeff Dyer - Vice President

Jeff Dyer brings 16 years of non-profit experience, serving and supporting organizations that make a remarkable difference in the world. He has also supported entrepreneurs as they move from garage to market. Jeff has an MBA and Bachelors of Education from the University of Alberta and he has an uncanny ability to translate academia into practical, real time decision making in the world of organizational leadership. Jeff is a fourteen time marathoner, having twice run Boston and a myriad of other races across North America.

Barrie Griffiths - Treasurer

Barrie Griffiths  retired from the University of Calgary after 29 years as Food Services Manager. He now serves the community through his volunteer endeavours; having sat on the Calgary Tourism board, serving as Past Chairman of Alberta Restaurant & Food Services Association and sitting as Past President of Calgary Roadrunners Club. In addition to currently sitting on the Board of Directors for CMS, Barrie is a longtime volunteer. Barrie has been running all his life, including over 40 years in Canada, first running the Calgary Marathon in 1987.

Members at large

Susan L. Schulli

Sue Schulli is in-house counsel with Nexen Inc. and has been a lawyer in the oil and gas sector for over 25 years.  Sue had many years of participation in running and triathlon and is now giving back to the racing community. She volunteers for a number of road races and triathlons throughout the season in a variety of roles.

Georgie Islip

Georgie Islip left the corporate world of sales and marketing in 2001 to set up her own business as a running and fitness coach. Her clients have included junior tennis champions, ultra runners, business executives and children. Georgie has completed various marathons, triathlons and the Marathon des Sables. In her spare time, she volunteers teaching sport at the local school as well as organising charity events.

Sarah King 

Sarah King acts as in-house litigation counsel with ENMAX Corporation, having previously worked in private practice for the past 7 years. She is an avid runner and cyclist and is passionate about athletics, health and wellness.

Jenny de Champlain

Jenny is a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) who works as a Cost Analyst for TransCanada. Jenny starting running five years ago in which time she has run thirty half marathons and three marathons. 2015 will be Jenny’s 5th consecutive year running the Centaur Subaru Half Marathon at Calgary Marathon and second year topping it off with the 5K race. She’s excited to be able to combine her professional experience with her love for running as a member of the board. Jenny is also a 2015 ForeRunner and will be sharing her training experiences via her website and other social media platforms. 

Jason Olandesca

Jason Olandesca is the Director, Organizational Health Solutions at Morneau Shepell; as a registered nurse he has over 15 years of healthcare experience from both a clinical and business perspective. He works with the various stakeholders involved in the delivery and execution of health and wellness programs in the public and private sectors. Committed to the promotion of health and wellness in the Calgary community and personally for his family, Jason "The Marathon Newbie" transitioned from 10Ks to his first full marathon in 2014 at Calgary's 50th Marathon.   

Louise Taylor

Louise is a physiotherapist and partner at Movement Sports Clinic. She has a primary interest in helping keep all Calgarians moving well and staying active. A passionate runner and triathlete, Louise is pleased to assist the Calgary Marathon Society in enriching lives through running.

Shari Macdonald

Shari  Macdonald is a co-owner and physical therapist at the Running Injury Clinic. She has been working in private practice for over 17 years specializing in sport and running related injuries. For the past several years, she has been a member of Sport Physiotherapy Canada board and Sport Physiotherapy Alberta executive. She is excited to bring her passion for living a healthy and active lifestyle to the Calgary Marathon Society.


Please email if you are interested in board opportunities.

Organizing Committee

About the Calgary Marathon Society:

The Scotiabank Calgary Marathon is organized and operated by the Calgary Marathon Society, a non-profit volunteer organization promoting health and fitness. Our volunteer board of directors is made up of CEO’s, CFO’s and business owners in their own right. Our mission is to annually host a premier running even in the City of Calgary, for runners of all ages and abilities, in the spirit of competition, sportsmanship and fun which results in promotion and support of the Calgary running community.


Board of Directors:

Dan Ouimet

Jeff Dyer

Alan Richter

Sarah King

Sue Schulli

Jason Olandesca

Jenny de Champlain

Barrie Griffiths

Georgie Islip

Andrea Nemec

Organizing Team:

Kirsten Fleming

Executive Director

Jennifer Ashley

Scotiabank Charity Challenge Manager

Erin Healey

Administrative/Marketing Manager


Committee Members:

Marcel LaMontagne                                       Lead Cyclists/Course Marking

Dave Foo                                                         Signs

Linda Foo                                                        Signs

Duncan Good Ridge                                       Course Marshall                                              

Scott Allan                                                        Course Marshall                                              

Angie Arcuri                                                      Medical Director                                              

Andrew Wade                                                   Medical Director

James Norwood                                                Medical Coordinator 

Correen Jost                                                      Equipment

Maureen McDonald                                          Package Pickup                                                

Liane Blandford                                                Package Pickup                                                

Ian and Jennifer Kerr                                        VIP Coordinators                                                          

Barb Cooper                                                      Package Stuffing                                             

Jim Clement                                                       Finish Line

Kim Hedgerfield                                                Bag Check

Michelle Simonin                                              Logistics

Rob Stichbury                                                   Venue

Tamara Stichbury                                             Venue

Alice Daszkowski                                              Awards

Tracy Moland                                                    Food Tent

Dawn Hopkins                                                  Volunteer Coordinator

Dave Lowery                                                     Sweep Motos

Julie Arnold                                                        Massage Therapy & Physio Coordinator

Donna Sawchyn                                                Elite Coordinator

Ceilidh Price                                                      Media Relations

Barrie Griffiths                                                  Aid Stations

Bina Billington                                                  Aid Stations


Hall of Fame

In our commitment to the promotion and celebration of road running in Calgary, the Calgary Marathon Society has created the Calgary Marathon Society Hall of Fame. As the stewards of Canada's oldest marathon we are committed to acknowledging individuals and organizations who have contributed to the growth and development of road racing in Calgary and Canada.

Calgary Marathon Society Hall of Fame Members

  • Margaret Carleton-Glover, Race Director Alumni
  • Doug Kyle, Founder of the Calgary Marathon
  • Marcel LaMontagne, Course Measurer
  • Dr. Benno M. Nigg
  • Martin Parnell, Author, Speaker and Guinness World Record Holder
  • Barrie Griffith, Aid Station Coordinator and Calgary Road Runners Board Member
  • Bill Wyllie, First Race Director in 1963 
  • The Calgary Roadrunners, founders of the Scotiabank Calgary Marathon
  • Tamara & Rob Stichbury (2013) Volunteers of the Year for Outstanding Contributions to Calgary Marathon Society
  • Carmen Robinson (2013) First Female Marathon Winner: 1975, Posthumous 
  • Dr. Peter Neiman (2013) for Exceptional Efforts Promoting Running in the Calgary Community 
  • Angus Cowan (2013) for Outstanding Contribution to the Calgary Running Community and fundraising efforts with Amble for Angus
  • Patricia Webster (2014) The Jim Clampett Volunteer of the Year Award, 20 Years of Service to The Calgary Marathon Society

  • Lorna Hawley (2014) for Promoting Competitive Running for Women

  • Jim Clampett (2014) for Outstanding Contribution to the Calgary Running Community, Posthumous

  • Ed Bickley (2014) We retired Ed's bib #501and inducted him in to the Hall of Fame for his many years or participation in the Calgary Marathon races.

  • Barrie Griffiths (2015) The JIm Clampett Volunteer of the Year Award for his ongoing contributions to the Calgary Marathon Society as the Aid Station Committee Captain and Treasurer for the Board of Directors.

  • Helly Visser (2015) for being a Remarkable Runner

  • Rob Reid (2015) for his many contributions to the running community.

  • Dave and Linda Foo (2016) for a decade of service to the organizing committee as the sign coordinators. 

Nomination Process

Any individual or group may nominate an individual or organization. To make a nomination, please email with the following information:

  • Contact information of individual group
  • Category for nomination (which best describes the category): volunteer, athletic excellence, vision and leadership; innovation and achievement; impact; growth/development strategy; and community involvement.
  • Brief biography or overview of the individual or organization (background, factual information, i.e. age, occupation, years in business or service, purpose, etc.)
  • Brief (200) word explanation of how this individual or organization has contributed to road running in Calgary/Canada.
  • Any supporting documentation, media coverage, images, reports, list of awards & achievements, etc.

Nomination Deadline: April 1st, 2017

Calgary Marathon Honourary Chair


Chandra Crawford is a music-loving mountain girl born and raised in Canmore, Alberta. In 2005 she founded "Fast and Female," an organization dedicated to Empowerment Through Sport for sport that reaches 2000 girls annually all over North America.  
In 2006 Chandra won Olympic Gold in cross-country skiing and captured many hearts when she belted out the national anthem from the top step of the podium.
In March 2014 she retired from ski racing after three Olympics and 13 years of international ski racing with the Canadian National Team. Five months later she started her EMBA program at the University of Calgary to become a better leader for Fast and Female, enter the world of business, and expand her career options.  
Her main interests beyond MBA school Fast and Female consist of doing the following activities with friends and family: yoga, camping, dancing, reading, languages, eating seafood, travel, concerts, and any kind of adventure in the mountains.  
She'd love to hear from you on Facebook, LinkedIn or @chandracrawford on twitter.

Job Opportunities

Run Calgary Race Director

Closes July 28, 2017

The Race Director position is a new “Senior Manager” level position within the Run Calgary staff structure and is responsible for organizing and managing race operations for the Run Calgary series.

Run Calgary hosts the city’s largest run event—The Scotiabank Calgary Marathon Race Weekend, an annual multi race running event (50K, marathon, half, 10K and 5K). Run Calgary is a nonprofit organization with a volunteer board of directors, 4 full-time staff members, and a group of more than 50 committee members who make race day possible. Run Calgary also hosts Calgary’s Sporting Life 10K, The University of Calgary’s Dino Dash and a variety of other fun runs throughout the year.


Package: Commensurate with experience and includes benefits plan, bonus structure and 3 weeks holidays.

Working Hours: 40 hours per week plus evening and weekend events throughout the year

Course Operations for Calgary Marathon

Serve as the on-staff Race Director, working closely with the volunteer Course Committee to manage all course planning, logistics and execution.

Supervise and lead the volunteer Course Committee, including Course Marshall captains, Aid Station Captains, Lead Cyclists, etc.

Assist relevant committee members with detailed planning for their area. Ensure that Committee members are communicating with each other as appropriate.

Work with Sector Captains to integrate and align all sector personnel, including communications with Calgary Police Service (CPS), Calgary Transit and Roads.

Schedule and lead all course meetings, including in-person meetings and conference calls

Work closely with CPS to determine road closures and officer requirements

Determine and manage course barricade and coning needs

Work with City Roads and outside vendors to ensure proper coning and barricading of the course

Schedule meetings and site visits with CPS, volunteers, committee members, vendors and City partners as needed to ensure proper execution on race week

Work with sponsor activation manager to ensure all required sponsor activations are integrated into course planning and execution

Develop a robust plan for community outreach to residents, businesses, and churches along the course, including Electronic Message Boards, door to door flyers, yard signage and inclusion in relevant community newsletters

Consult with Medical Director to determine medical locations and processes

Meet regularly with Aid Station captains to determine logistics, supplies and volunteer needs

Determine all Portapottie placements throughout the course. Work with vendor to create set up and strike schedules as needed

Work with course teardown captain and third-party vendors to schedule clothing pick-up and course clean-up

Design, plan, and execute various runner-related course elements, including course turnarounds, course splits, etc.

Determine fencing and signage needs and work with vendors for placement and strike

Work with photography partners to determine best on-course locations

Schedule post-event meetings, including committee after action, warehouse clean-up, vendor after action, etc.

Schedule course measuring and certification with third party vendor

Obtain all necessary permits, including city, county and state permits

Work with designer to create course maps, including both internal and external map

Oversee course vehicle needs and ordering


Other Race Events

Includes all above-mentioned Course Director responsibilities

Oversee the planning and execution process for the Run Calgary series including oversight for integration with non-course committees

Create all planning documents, including production schedules, maps, etc.

Consult with committee and staff to ensure course integration with start and finish line execution

Work with internal staff to determine logistics needs for registration, awards ceremony, gear check, post-race F&B, medal distribution, and other pre and post-race service areas


Warehouse and Storage Space

Oversee all warehouse operations throughout the year

Work closely with staff and committee to manage deliveries and storage space



Assist with other tasks or duties as requested

Work with the team to develop new events or evolve current events to better meet the needs and expecations of our participants.

Assist with answering phones or other administrative tasks during peak customer service periods


Annual Planning & Year-Round Responsibilities

Develop annual budget needs, maintain budget compliance throughout the year

Conduct effective and efficient pre-race planning for all areas of oversight, and collaborate with relevant staff and committee members throughout the process

Collect post-race feedback from relevant staff, volunteers, vendors and contracts—compile reports related to all areas of oversight

Develop new methods or ideas related to best-in-class race operations, with the customer and volunteer experience as the highest priority

Set goals and create timelines for all areas of oversight annually, report on progress and issues throughout the year

Be aware of issues that pertain to the community, such as street closings, race timeline for neighborhoods, parking, etc.


Daily Office Responsibilities

Support colleagues in a respectful and thoughtful manner, assist whenever the need arises

Assist staff, committee members, and sponsors with issues pertinent to this job description, as appropriate

Work with committee members as needed and within reasonable parameters to aid them in carrying out their duties, including logistics and direction

Be accountable for time and location during working hours

Answer phone calls, emails, etc. in a timely and professional manner

Maintain a clean and efficient working environment, including common areas



Minimum 3 to 5 years’ experience in a leadership role

Min. 2 years experience in operations

Running experience is a plus, but not required

Excellent written and verbal communications

Familiar with Microsoft Office, including Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint

Ability to learn new event management software platforms

Leadership through knowledge, commitment and communication

Committed to excellence and customer service

Problem-solver, cool under pressure

Develop relationships with both internal and external stakeholders

Able to build consensus and negotiate agreement with stakeholders

Passionate about learning and innovating

Detail-oriented and organized

Self-motivated and goal-oriented

Ability to regularly lift weights for events up to 25 lbs. and occasionally weights up to 40 lbs.

Available to work non –traditional business hours during assigned events and to attend evening and morning meetings

Able to handle busy, fast-paced, deadline-driven environment, with attention to detail and ability to maintain a calm presence during challenging situations

Four-year degree preferred

Experience with non-profits and volunteerism a plus


Please email cover letter and resume to with RUN CALGARY RACE DIRECTOR APPLICATION in the Subject. No phone calls please.

Membership & Benefits

Become a member of the Calgary Marathon Society!
The Calgary Marathon Society is a not-for-profit organization delivering premier running opportunities and programming in the form of road races, fun runs, training groups, social events and time trials in the city of Calgary. 


We are the fabric of the running community, embraced by the city while inspiring and enriching lives. 

Mission Statement 

To celebrate human achievements through running.

Core Values 

Honesty - Leadership - Integrity - Excellence - Challenge

How do YOU become a member?

When you register for the Scotiabank Calgary Marathon Race Weekend you can purchase an annual membership to the Calgary Marathon Society for $30 (2016 rate). Or come see us at 200 Barclay Parade SW in Unit B7 to pick up a membership in person. 

Benefits of CMS membership?

  • Be a voting member of the CMS and be invited to the AGM which happens annually in December. 
  • Receive a 10% discount on all race series events outside of the Scotiabank Calgary Marathon Race Weekend (check out the Race Series with more coming in 2016!) 
  • Automatically be a member of the CMS run club: we meet Thursdays at 4:30PM at Festival Plaza between Eau Claire Market and the Y. 
  • Receive complimentary entry to the Battle on the Bow monthly time trials - coming in spring and summer of 2016 and more info soon!
  • Receive a 15% discount on all official race merchandise, purchased at CMS HQ in Eau Claire Market (you can't receive this online just in person at our office) 
  • Be invited to special VIP events, socials, movie nights and more!