May 27th, 2018


2017 Flag Bearers




Miranda Woodrow 

"I started running 6 years ago, out of pure boredom, I then became obsessed and wanted to raise money for diabetes and travel the world with it but the task seemed daunting."

British Columbia

British Columbia

Geneviève Cauffopé

"British Columbia is a diverse Province where a healthy lifestyle is omnipresent. I want to represent BC to bring the West coast zest/lifestyle to Canada's Marathon."


Edmonton, Alberta

Joshua Bergman 

“Running has changed my life. Beyond improved health, it's given me increased confidence, new friends, new experiences, new goals, and a new connection to the city I live in.”


Winnipeg, Manitoba

Junel Malapad  

“I started running around 10 years ago to combat high cholesterol. I am now training for a 150 mile race that celebrates Canada's 150 birthday that starts on Canada Day on the TransCanada Trail.”


Toronto, Ontario

Mayling Chung-Robinson 

“My Grandparents came to Canada from China in the early 60s with there two young adult kids. I know that Canada is made up of millions of these stories. I am so proud to be Canadian!”


Joliette, Quebec

Josée Drainville 


“Le premier mot qui me vient pour décrire le Canada est le mot LIBERTÉ. J'adore courir dans différents endroits et dans différentes villes pour découvrir et visiter.”

New Brunswick

Edmunston, New Brunswick

Daniel Violette 

“I am a french New Brunswicker, a general dentist, and my ancestors were rum runners. Maybe I got the gene of running from them. I ran 12 marathons in 12 months in 2016 with my daughters and my wife.”

Nova Scotia

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Janis Power 

“I am a role model for my community and represent Active/Healthy Living for women/adults/seniors 50+. Running is my passion and helps me to manage mental health issues.”

Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island

Alex Bain

"It would be a special honour to represent my Province of PEI in Calgary. I started running in 2004 with the PEI Roadrunners and have run 12 Marathons, including the Boston Marathon in 2015 & 16, 1 Ultra and many Half-Marathons, 10Ks & 5Ks. I would be very proud to represent the PEI running community in Calgary."


St. John’s, Newfoundland & Labrador

Sarah Baird Whelan 

“I describe myself as a slow but determined runner, improving my fitness daily while enjoying the hills and fresh air St. John’s has to offer.”

Northwest Terrirories

Northwest Territories

Brad Firth

"In an ambassador of running and more importantly an ambassador of peaceful warriors. "



This could be you...


Whitehorse, Yukon

Betty Burns


“The Yukon people and its landscape are awe-inspiring, which makes Yukon a very magical place to live. I am 39 years old, and I only started running a little over 2 years ago. I know now, that if I can be a runner, that almost anyone can do it!”