May 26th, 2019

Contests & Promos

Sponsor & race event contests and promos

Throughout the year there are multiple contests and promos relating to our Sponsors and race events. Check back to see new Contests & Promos, and be sure to like us on Facebook and Twitter @CalgaryMarathon on Instagram for the most up to date information.

Earn, Burn and Learn

Earn, Burn and Learn

Win $2,000 in fitness gear or programming for your school!

There are so many benefits to getting kids running early. It improves physical well-being, reduces stress, helps build a stronger immune system, and prevents muscle and bone loss. Running builds self-confidence and is something you can do alone or as a family unit and is essential for many sports.  Perhaps the most important for us, running promotes a healthy, active lifestyle. The chance to win some money for our school is just icing on the cake! Just ask the students at Monsignor Doyle

Your school has a chance to win $2,000 (and a $300 gift card package for your captain)!

If you would like to participate and your school is not already listed in the drop down please fill out THIS FORM. 

Overview & FAQ



Are you a parent or teacher who would like to start a run club in your school? Ever Active Schools can help!


Link to Coach Corner where you will find even more free resources!

Sign-up to Join the Club and make sure you also email to register your school and start participating in Earn Burn & Learn!


The Roundup 5K Challenge

The Roundup 

By now, you have probably heard about our new marathon weekend challenge, The Roundup. Run any distance, finish before noon AND THEN run the GoodLife Fitness 5K at noon and your two medals attach together to make a super medal! 

The Roundup Rules


  • Register for both race distances and your personal information - including your email address must match (this is so we can find you in the system!)
  • Once you have registered for both distances, no need to do anything additional, we know who you are!
  • Line up in a special line at package pickup to get your special “Roundup” bib.
  • Be sure to pick up both your race shirts.

Race Day

  • You must start the 5K at noon, before the last wave of the 5K goes out.
  • We discourage walking your longer race distance, as in doing so you might not make the cut-off time to start the 5K at noon.
  • Once you start the 5K you have 90 minutes to finish; you have almost completed the roundup!
  • Wear your special “Roundup” bib for both events. Your bib will be chip timed for both distances and you will receive official times for both completed events.


Do I need to pay for both events?

Yes. Run Calgary is a not-for-profit organization and there are a number of expenses incurred to put on a world-class event. The majority of those costs are directly related to the number of participants registered for each race.. Fees are used for operational costs like timing services, insurance, road closure costs, tent rentals, portable toilets as well as the cool items you get for participating; t-shirts, medals and bibs.

Additionally, in registering for both events, we know you are participating in the Roundup and you will receive a special bib as well as both race shirts and finishers medals.

Can I start the 5K late?

No. We are subject to specific municipal rules in order to put on a safe and memorable experience for runners while limiting any disruptions for city residents and drivers. Our road closures are not indefinite and participants must start each race at the published time.

What else can I expect to receive?

It’s a surprise! We are working on a few more extra treats for our 'rounduppers’' as we want to recognize all the ambitious participants hitting the road twice on May 26th!

Bib Benfits