May 31st, 2020

The Roundup 5K Challenge

The Roundup - IMPROVED IN 2020!

By now, you have probably heard about the marathon weekend challenge and the 261 participants who successfully completed The Roundup in 2019. Run any distance, finish before noon AND THEN run the GoodLife Fitness 5K at noon and your two medals attach together to make a super medal! 


Last year's medal.... you will have to wait and see for 2020 medal!

The Roundup Rules


  • Register for THE ROUNDUP in registration - its own category
  • Line up in a special line at package pickup to get your special “Roundup” bib.
  • Be sure to pick up both your race shirts.

Race Day

  • You must start the 5K at noon, before the last wave of the 5K goes out.
  • We discourage walking your longer race distance, as in doing so you might not make the cut-off time to start the 5K at noon.
  • Once you start the 5K you have 90 minutes to finish; you have almost completed the roundup!
  • Wear your special “Roundup” bib for both events. Your bib will be chip timed for both distances and you will receive official times for both completed events.


How do I register?

When you go to the REGISTER page, sign up for The Roundup and choose which TWO distances you are participating in. 

Why are all Roundup races the same price?

We have done this to simplify the process for you and us!  This price covers the cost of your experience (race, medals, swag, EXPERIENCE) as well as allows for easier changes to your race distance as the event draws near.  Please note that you will still need to pay the $11 transfer fee to switch yourself to another distance.

I’ve already registered but now I’m deciding I want to round-up.  Help!

Call us!  We’ll need to do some behind the scenes work on our end but will help you go the distance on May 31st. Note that the last day to register and get all the benefits of being a Roundup’er is May 1, 2020.

Can I start the 5K late?

No. We are subject to specific municipal rules in order to put on a safe and memorable experience for runners while limiting any disruptions for city residents and drivers. Our road closures are not indefinite and participants must start each race at the published time.

What else can I expect to receive?

You will receive 2 medals that go together to make one SUPER medal, two shirts, one for each distance you are participating in as well as a special swag item exclusive to Roundup participants and a special Roundup bib so we all know to cheer extra loud when we see you coming!